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Meet The Team

Our Directors
Director Mary McMahon.jpg

Mary McMahon

Mary McMahon – retired
St John Ambulance, Safeguarding Officer, Advice Centre Adviser and in charge of Charity Shop volunteer training. Lead on Writers Group for RVAR.

Betty Ferguson

Elizabeth Ferguson MBE, founder member of RVAR in 2016.  Retired Civil Servant, Educationalist (Masters in Education), ICT Consultant - BSc (Hons) Computer Studies, Historian, Researcher.

Betty Ferguson

Betty Ferguson

Andrew Guy RN (R’td).  Joined RVAR with his wife Kim four years ago.  Volunteer officer for RVAR.  Also a volunteer with Community Search & Rescue.

Matthew Ferguson, founder member of RVAR in 2016.  Retired self-employed Master Carpenter & Joiner.  Historical data collection and recording. Lead on Farlow Wood Project.

Robert Guthrie

Andy Guy 1.JPG

Andrew Guy

Robert Guthrie

Director Matthew Ferguson.jpg

Matthew Ferguson

Our Committee

Finance Committee Member Monica Doherty.

Monica Doherty
Membership Secretary

Charlie Watton.JPG

Charlie Watton

Caroline Geraghty.jpg

Caroline Geraghty

Committee member Donna Green.jpg

Donna Green


Aaron McNerlin

Our Junior Volunteers

Hayden is the planetary defence ambassador for European Space Agency (Asteroid missions) & the youngest Space news reporter for Astronomy Ireland Magazine. He was also newly awarded as Ariane Space ambassador also. His roles are to educate & inspire other kids about the wonders of Space in STEM Education.

Our Partners

Working Together

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